Here are some of the best neighborhoods that home buyers want to buy in Kent Washington.

  1. Chestnut Ridge
  2. Royal Crest Estates
  3. Hillshire Terrace
  4. Westview Terrace
  5. Garrison Heights
  6. Willowcrest
  7. Aston Crest
  8. The Plateau
  9. The Ridge in Panther Lake
  10. Garrison Glen
  11. Kara Crest
  12. Sophia Glen & Overlook Glen
  13. Brandon Estates II
  14. Ridge Crest: KB Homes
  15. Rainier Park: Ichijo Technological Homes

Chestnut Ridge

Map / Google Street View


Map / Google Street View

  • view of Kent Valley
  • close to Safeway, Winco, 24 Hour Fitness
  • built around 2018 by Polygon Homes

Hillshire Terrace

Map / Street View

  • built in the 1990s by Henderson Homes
  • located right below Kentridge Highschool within walking distance
  • right next to Soos Creek trail great for biking and walking

Laurel Springs

Map / Google Street View

  • smaller development right in between I-167 and Soos Creek Trail
  • easy access to Fairwood and Bellevue from Maple Valley Highway


Map / Google Street View

  • built by MainVue Home around 2018, luxurious modern homes
  • located not too far from the but not too far into Kent right in the middle for easy access
  • within walking distance from Kentridge Highschool
  • has its own private park

The Plateau & Ridge at Panther Lake

Map / Google Street View

  • the community includes the Plateau and the Ridge right next to each other
  • centrally located, new homes built on smaller lots
  • private park and basketball court
  • roads, sidewall and landscaping is well maintained
  • built-in 2005 by Dreamcraft Homes
  • close to Benson Center for groceries and restaurants

Aston Crest

Map / Google Street View

  • built by Pulte Homes in 2019
  • contemporary, sloped roof homes with stone facades
  • huge playground centered on a corner lot
  • paved sidewalks with street lamps and with lots of greenery 
  • 10 minutes away from Valley Medical Center, Great Wall and freeway access to 167 North

Garrison Glen

Map / Google Street View

  • built by Quadrant Homes
  • new Panther Lake Elementary School right across the street

Kara Crest

Map / Google Street View

  • nice little neighborhood tucked away in Kent.
  • beautiful craftsmanship homes, high-quality millwork cabinetry
  • expect to find stonework facades, corner lot homes with patios wrapped around

Sophia Glen & Overlook Glen

Map / Google Street View

  • right along 167 highway, easy access
  • close to Benson Hill Shopping Center

Brandon Estates II

Map / Google Street View

  • Newer Houses built by Harbour homes
  • Within 5 minutes of Kent Station

Ridge Crest: KB Homes

Map / Google Street View / Builder’s Difference

  • up the hill from Kent Station, Showare Center, and Sounder Commuter Center
  • skate park, climbing pinnacle at Arbor Heights Park right across the street

Rainier Park: Ichijo Technological Homes

Map / Google Street View / Builder’s Difference

  • Japanese home builder, contemporary design
  • cutting edge technology, environmental respect
  • commitment to quality and it’s all about the little details
  • openness, quality, the use of the home, pull out cabinets, magnetic door stop
  • conveniently located within walking distance to Kent YMCA

Driving Distance to Major Cities

Kent to Seattle is around 26 minutes, Bellevue 31 minutes, Tacoma 24 minutes, Maple Valley 20 minutes, Covington 16 minutes, Federal Way 17.

Housing Costs

The median price for a house in Kent is $425,000 and for a median home for Seattle $687,000. The median includes new construction and used home. That is up 12.7% percent since 2019. A price increase generally shows large amounts of buyers are moving to the city.

Homebuyers are now moving away from the city to the suburbs, where home prices are more affordable, and one of those places is Kent Washington. 


Median Sales Price

New Construction 

The median price for new construction in Kent is about $599,000, and compared to Seattle is $725,000. 

New Construction Median Sales Price

Housing Trends and Forecast 2020

  • In Kent, an average home stays on the market before it goes pending in 10 days
  • Homes in the 300K-500K go pending within 7 days or less. Buyers have a high chance of being in a multiple offer situation. 
  • Really hot homes can go pending over the weekend. 
  • Kent is extremely low in inventory for both zip codes 98031 and 98030. 
  • In 98031, the inventory of homes available in February 2019 was 56. In February 2020, it was 22 homes.  
  • Percentage of List Price is above 100% which means are home buyers bidding on homes.
  • Months of inventory down to 0.6 from 1.6. This means supply is very low, virtually no homes for buyers to choose from. 


Kent Housing Update




Kent Housing Update


Employers & Job Postings

Amazon: Website, Job Posting

Boeing: Website, Job Posting

The largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems, and service provider to aftermarket support.

Aerotek: Website, Job Posting

Recruiting and Staffing Company

Blue Origin: Website, Job Posting

REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.): Website, Job Posting

American outdoor recreation company, sporting goods, camping gear, travel equipment, and clothing.

City of Kent: Website, Job Posting

Kent School District: Website, Job Posting

Lowes: Website, Job Posting

Home Improvement

Home Depot: Website, Job Posting

Home Improvement

Mikron Industries: Website, Job Posting

Develops, produces, and market highly precise, productive, and adaptable automation solutions, machining systems, and cutting tools.

Sysco Food Systems: Website, Job Posting

In marketing and distributing food products, small wares, kitchen equipment, and tabletop items to restaurants, healthcare, and educational facilities.

Alaska Airlines: Website, Job Posting

Major American airline headquartered in Seatac Washington, fifth-largest airline in the U.S

U.S Foods: Website, Job Posting

Safeway: Website, Job Posting

Dryer’s Ice Cream: Website, Job Posting

USF Reddaway Trucking: Website, Job Posting

Columbia Distributing: Website, Job Posting

Starbucks: Website, Job Posting

Oberto Sausage Company: Website, Job Posting

King County Regional Justice Center: Website, Job Posting

Hexel Corporation: Website, Job Posting

PASC (Patient Accounting Services Center): Website, Job Posting

Exotic Metals Forming: Website, Job Posting

Fred Meyers: Website, Job Posting


Kent has many parks and trails, scenic, and recreation roads. On the west side, you can find bike trails along the Green River that stretches for miles. A chance to see wildlife, mountain bikes, or a leisure walk. 

Van Doren’s Landing Park

  • -10-acre park along the Green River Trail, picnics, BBQ’s, and fishing
  • -long trails great for walks
  • -beautifully maintained 

Soos Creek Trail

  • -5.9 miles of wildlife
  • bicycle, walking, horses trail
  • -meanders through woods, wetlands, and meadows










Kent Valley Loop Trails

Created in 2013, these trails create a unique regional biking and recreation destination in Kent. The five trails consist of a paved and level surface, view of Mt. Rainier and Green River Valley, connects to parks with amenities, and downtown Kent.


How to Check for School District